In January, 2014, Steve Beamer of Primeval Beauty acquired the collections of and Envy Hognoses. He formed the Reptile Collective. Steve has been involved in the reptile industry since 1990 and has successfully bred a wide range of reptile species including; boas, pythons, colubrids, venomous, geckos, turtles, tarantulas and crocodilians. He has continued to strive towards producing only the finest captive bred reptiles coupled with the highest level of customer satisfaction and support. Primeval Beauty aka Steve Beamer already has a world renowned ball python collection that has produced dozens of recognized ‘firsts’ by the World of Ball Pythons. He has always built his reptile collection on only the highest quality animals from the most distinct breeders in the reptile industry. His acquisition of and Envy Hognoses' amazing collections was a logical step. Reptile Collective hopes by adding these new reptile collections into the fold, that it will open the Collective up to a wider range of opportunities within the reptile industry.