December 02, 2014

Skittles Ball Python

 Introducing Skittles our craziest new Ball Python, a Silver Streak Albino Piebald Paradox Ball Python (Silver Streak = Super Pastel x Black Pastel), she is truly one of a kind. We produced the Skittles Ball Python by pairing a Silver Streak double het albino and piebald ball python with a pewter double het albino and piebald ball python. Note that she is an albino which is a recessive trait and should not retain any black pigment, hence the red eye. However, she is also a Silver Streak Piebald which is a super pastel x black pastel combo and exhibits the grey/black saddling with the light silver streak down the back and the black eye. The reason we know she is a paradox is because she's exhibiting both the silver streak colorations and the albino colorations which would be impossible unless she is a paradox. The paradox is thought to be a chimera, or the fertilization of two embryos within one egg and ultimately producing one snake. We know visually that Skittles is exhibiting multiple ball python combo mutations but because she is exhibiting the albino mutation she must be a paradox. What does this mean? Basically, while she exhibits multiple ball python combinations, sexually, she may not reproduce them as the makeup of her ovaries may exhibit only one or a few of the traits that have bled through her palette. In paradox ball pythons one or more of the morphs could be represented in her sexual DNA. In two to three years we will breed her and find out what genes she is really carrying. Please be sure to check out our Ball Pythons For Sale section and see some of the other amazing ball pythons we have produced and are offering to the public! To follow our regular posts be sure to like our Facebook Page and see regular pictures of amazing reptiles we produce and for sale.



I was already SUPER EXCITED about the pairing for this clutch and could not

wait to do some cutting. The project had been five years in the making and every clutch could hold big suprises. None of the possibilities could have prepared me for Skittles.  So when the big day came I started slicing. The Skittles Ball Python was the very first thing I saw and it absolutely blew my mind.

I spent the rest of the day running back and forth to the incubator, the Skittles Ball Python was creeping into this world, and I could not leave the poor girl alone.

The rest of the clutch silver streaks possible double het albino and pied, along with albino silver streaks, and albino black pewters just did not capture my attention the way the Skittles Ball Python did OMG!

I'm positive she was frightened back into the egg at least a dozen times before she finally got past being camera shy.


I had a separate clutch hatching simultaneously with the worlds first Silver Streak Piebald in it but I could barely tear myself away from the Skittles Ball Python to take a pic.

When Skittles finally came out it took everything I had not to post pics all over the web, I had never seen anything like this ball python. Skittles was everything and not all at the same time. Albino, yes sort of. Piebald definately. Black pastel, yes. Super pastel, most certainly.

Skittles the Ball Python Paradox has finally shed and fed. She is doing amazing and we can't wait to get someone to take decent pics of her. I think I'm going to go stare at her right now, as a mater of fact. Thanks for checking her out!