Reptile Care


Kenyan Sand Boa Care

Kenyan sand boas are miniature boas from Northeast Africa. Their geographical range is from Egypt all the way down to Tanzania. They are small, slow and docile snakes. Which makes them the perfect pet for beginners to experts. 

Kenyan Sand Boa Housing

We recommend that you house your Kenyan sand boa in a 10 gallon aquarium with a latching lid on top. Use an under tank heat pad, aspen substrate and a water bowl. The hot spot temperature should be 95-100 degrees which can be easily regulated with a rheostat. 

Kenyan Sand Boa Feeding

Kenyan sand boas need to be fed every week and no less than every other week. Most Kenyan sand boas will eat frozen and thawed (FT) pinky mice at birth and all will eat live pinky mice. To feed your Kenyan sand boa FT pinky mice you will need to put the frozen pinky in a ziploc bag and put the bag into warm water for 15 minutes to thaw out the pinky. Once thawed, dangle the pinky in front of the nose of the Kenyan sand boa until it strikes and wraps up the FT pinky. If it does not strike initially, gently walk the pinky up the tail and back of the snake, with the goal of simulating a live pinky crawling all over your Kenyan sand boa. 


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